Design Tools

Keysight Advanced Design System

CST Microwave Studio

Fabrication tools

Micromilling machine for prototype fabrication

LPKF Protomat H100

Characterization tools

Network analyzers

- 2-port Keysight E8364B (up to 50 GHz)
- 4-port Keysight N5221A (13.5 GHz)

Electronic calibration module also available

Signal analyzer

Vector signal analyzer Keysight N9020A, with RFID EPC Gen2 decoding capacity

Signal generators

- Keysight N5182A up to 3 GHz, with RFID EPC Gen2 frame generation capacity

- Keysight E4438C up to 6 GHz

TEM Cell

WaveCell by WaveControl. Used for RFID tag characterization (read-range measurement)

On-wafer measurement platform

Cascade Microtech M150

Resonant cavity for substrate characterization

Keysight 85072A 10 GHz Split Cylinder Resonator for electrical characterization of substrates (permittivity and loss tangent)