Metamaterials are new artificial materials with unique and controllable electromagnetic properties not readily found in natural media. Research in this field may open new paths for innovation in electronics and telecommunications, on the basis of original component and sub-system designs which make use of these singular properties.

CIMITEC is a pioneering Centre in this research field and on the applications of metamaterials to the development of high performance and low cost RF/microwave circuits. It is constituted by Professors, PhDs, Engineers and Technicians with a dilated experience in the field and international prestige, which have headed several development contracts on the basis on metamaterials. In 2006, CIMITEC has been the winner of the 5th edition of the Duran Farell Prize for Technological research, a national level Prize. 

Apart from the research and technology transfer activities, CIMTEC is a reference Centre concerning training, dissemination and promotion of research  on the basis of metamaterials. The organization of training courses, tutorials, workshops and conferences is the direct proof. CIMITEC is a member of the Virtual Institute METAMORPHOSE-VI for the dissemination of Metamaterials. 

CIMITEC promotes technology transfer in electronics and telecommunications through research and development of components and systems based on met materials or related concepts.. 

Specific objectives are: 

1.  To become a pioneering R+D+i Centre on research innovation and technology transfer in electronics and telecommunications, specifically in RF/microwave engineering. 

2. To achieve, through the development of research projects and services, a joint collaboration with companies and institutions in the area of electronics and telecommunications. 

3. To encourage research-development-innovation in industry through technology transfer. 

4. To foster training and spreading activities related to met materials and their technological applications.

5. To identify innovative solutions for the design of communication components and systems that strength competitivity through the introduction of new products into the market.

6. To offer a quality service to the customers on the basis of a good management of resources and preserving the excellence level of the Centre.