CIMITEC is a research and technology transfer centre at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona dedicated to achieve innovative and customized solutions for communication systems. Constituted by doctors, engineers and technicians with a high degree of specialization, CIMITEC applies Metamaterial-based technology in the following fields:  

Customized filters, couplers, power dividers, and other RF/microwave components. Compact dimensions, high performance and multi-band, for application in technologies such as UWB, WiFi or RADAR.

We are also working in the development of algorithms based on Space Mapping techniques for their application in automated synthesis of components. The design of transmission lines based on artificial metamaterials requires a certain time in order to obtain the desired characteristics in each case, due to the large number of controllable parameters. The synthesis of these elements by using techniques such as Space Mapping reduces the design time and allows getting more efficient components.

CIMITEC develops miniaturized and multiband antennas for RFID applications In UHF and microwave bands, and works on the development of tags able to operate with good performance on adverse environments, such as metal objects 
CIMITEC devoloped a field-confinement device for its application as near-field antenna for RFID applications This device makes possible the implementation of UHF-RFID points-of-sale in retail shops , allowing only the detection of tags inside the coverage region, avoiding "false readings". Therefore, UHF-RFID tags could replace barcodes, improving logistic and payment processes in retail.
This technology can be used in other applications, such as stock control or access control, among others.
A flexible measurement system is avalaible in our laboratories for tag and antenna characterization.

CHIPLESS RFID: No-chip Identification Systems
Conventional RFID tags incorporate an integrated circuit (chip) that increases their price. For some products, this fact does not mean a significant extra cost. However, to label low-cost objects, which in many cases can also be interesting to trace, the price of a tag with chip could be too high. This is the reason because identification systems where this integrated circuit is not incorporated have been developed, such systems, although presenting limitations regarding UHF-RFID technology, can cover certain needs. CIMITEC-UAB presents a Chipless RFID proximity technology, or near-field, that allows to obtain labels with a high number of bits and low cost for different applications:
- Document identification and security (Secure paper): Traceability and verification of special documents where physical support must be used (certified paper, notary acts, affidavits, medical prescriptions, election material ...)
- Smart Packaging: Packaging of low cost elements that require traceability control, such as some types of medicines. Also, useful to establish control systems in waste management.
- Industrial systems: Due to its characteristics, the technology can also be used as a coding system or position sensor for machinery, elevators ...

Metamaterial-based structures can be applied in sensor devices. CIMITEC is currently developing structures for position, rotation and velocity sensors based on la modifying the symmetry of such structures
This kind of sensors is very interesting for space applications. CIMITEC develops in collaboration with the research group iTEAM  (Universitat Politècnica de València) and the company EMXYS an angular velocity sensor for satellite positioning.
We also develop sensors for the dielectric characterization of materials . This approach allows the characterization of a given material or substance based on its frequency response. This technology can have outstanding applications in areas such as health, since systems oriented to blood or urine analysis, among others, could be developed.