Fields of application

Owing to their properties, metamaterials can be applied to the development of RF/microwave devices and components in a wide range of systems and areas:

1- Aeronautic and aerospatial industry (filters, diplexers, etc.)

2- Radio frequency identification systems – RFID (antennas, dual band components, etc.)

3- Manufacturers of microwave/millimetre wave components and communication terminals (component miniaturization, filters, diplexers, power dividers, couplers, mixers, etc.)

4- Broadband wireless communications (Bluetooth, WiFi, UWB,...)

5- RF/microwave and reconfigurable systems in advanced technologies (MMIC, LTCC, SoP, MCM, RF-MEMS, etc).

  6- Additional areas (security systems, EMC, etc.)

Services to customer

1- Technical projects: viability analysis, component and circuit design, new competitive products in terms of performance and cost.

2- Fabrication and characterization of prototypes: technological demonstrators, circuit design and fabrication on high performance PCBs, characterization and analysis.

3- Support to R+D+i management: assessment and consulting, funding sources for projects, patents, etc

4- Training: organization of tutorials, postgraduate courses, technical seminars and conferences.